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Moving Forward

Finally, another post. It's hard to chronicle daily life, shit, weekly is just as tough and I am now into bi-yearly I think. Too busy living the life, I suppose.
So here we are, together again. Me writing about the trials and tribulations. Okay, people in poor countries around the world might disagree that rehabbing a second house in America is not really a trial or a tribulation or even a minor annoyance, but there we are.
Before we dive right back in, let me post a pic of my wife's new bathroom. Because why renovate a farmhouse when you have a perfectly good apartment at home to destroy. First World problems, right?(I will be providing more on this recent renovation in a future blog if you really care.)

Beautiful isn't it? My contractors Piotr Dach and Bartek Kluzik did an awesome job with some really challenging pieces, including a some beautiful San Francisco BART tile from Heritage Tile of Oak Park ( and a persnickety art director that just…

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