Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm just sayin'!

Just a few sketches from the other night.

I was sitting around watching TV and letting the pencil roam over the pages. In the second image I got a little more serious although I did stay very rough.

This brings us to Image number 99 of the barbarians project. I guess that means I really need to do something special for the next one. Yikes. I had enough trouble getting this far I'm not so sure I can top it. Well, these days I have been taking more time with the images, so hopefully I'll have something impressive to show you.

On to other topics.

Well, last time we talked (or rather I talked you read, but hopefully you had some intelligent responses that you mouthed to yourself or grumbled under your breath) I mentioned trying to do at least one nice thing per day as a way to help me, and you, get over everyone being so angry and negative all the time.

I truly believe that we have come to a point in this society where everyone only worries about themselves. I think ware truly in the midst of the "me" generation. Now, I don't want people to think I'm some kind of socialist. I understand wanting to get ahead, wanting to have a little more, but does it have to come at the expense of someone else?

Example: Just today I was driving the car and came up to a "Stop" sign. Some !@#$%^ pulled up alongside me and tried to fly by on the right. As many of you know, I'm not one to remain calm during this type of situation and gunned my engine to stop him from cutting me off. In my dream of dreams he would run headlong into the beer truck that was at the corner, but I was denied. I'm not going to sit here and pretend I was being mature, but I'll be damned if some immature idiot is going to pull that crap on me and everyone else who was waiting patiently at the crosswalk. Of cousre, just to teach "Leadfoot" a lesson I also drove the exact speed limit until he got fed up and turned, giving me a farewell salute that I heartily gave right back.

I have to admit, I've had it. People in this country are so self-centered, so worried about how they might be put out by anyone else that something has to be done. This may just make me angry enough to go into politics. Although as we all know my background would never stand up to the piousness of the voting public. Of course, these are the same geniuses (me included) that vote into power every year another egocentric, power hungry self-obsessed moron that just goes to Washington or the state capitol to get a better view on how to screw over the population.

Here in Illinois the papers are constantly stunned when a politician gets his/her hand caught in the cookie jar or up some young woman's skirt. I say to the newspapers find me a politician that isn't trying to screw us over and then I'll read a story with my mouth agape.

If I have to watch one more interview with an idiot from the previous administration blaming the current one for all the problems the last three administrations caused I'll puke and while I'm down there I'll remember how the current crop of morons in Washington can't seem to get anything done because they're all up there attempting to protect their powerbases instead of doing the job we're paying them for, which is to get this country fixed and get our armed forces back where they belong. Hey Joe Lieberman could you be a bigger jagoff?

Ugh. Well, thank God that rant's over. Too much coffee and NPR I suppose. I should probably go back to drinking too much and being oblivious. Which reminds me Friday's coming. Woot!

Okay, not the greatest of days to be writing on my blog so I'll take a breath and come back to you with something worthwhile. Maybe a short story or something.

Thanks for letting me vent.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

OMG! Finally.

Well, I am finally back to finish up these Barbarian images. What a month it's been. First let's start with today's image(s). There are two, but I'm only counting them as one since the actual barbarian image was drawn off of the first.

Friends of mine recently had a baby. Ray came into the world a little early and has to remain in the hospital for a few weeks, but it looks like all will be fine and his parents are able to get a little extra sleep before he comes home.

Anyway, my friend Susan asked me if I could draw a funny picture of him and I did. After seeing it I thought it would make a great barbarian baby shot. You be the judge, but I find it amusing. Of course, I also enjoy watching YouTube videos of people being hit in the head. What are you gonna do?

So that now brings us to number 98 of my 100 Barbarians project.

Well, what has kept me busy for the last month or so that I haven't been posting? I would like to say that it was trying to get a healthcare bill through the House and Senate, but those of you that know me know that I trust my government to get those kind of.....Aw, c'mon we all know that's not gonna happen. Democrats and Republicans couldn't come together to help anyone in this country except themselves even if we paid them. Oh, that's right we do.

No, I haven't been busy working on large issues, but I have been busy working and a little burnt out. I traveled a lot around the Midwest in a car talking to people in the yarn industry, I did a some freelance work, had a lovely Thanksgiving Day weekend, made a lot of phone calls and generally felt to overwhelmed to draw. I just had too much trouble putting pencil to paper. Call it artists block or artists complete avoidance or just plain lazy.

But that's over now. It's time to get back into the groove, draw a lot of pictures, rant and rave about whatever comes into my big, bald melon and basically stir up a few provocative thoughts. Okay, that sounds like a tall order, but I promise to do my best.

Let's start with X-mas? Has the war against it started yet? Or do we have something real to argue about this year? I, myself don't necessarily celebrate Christmas. Nothing against it and my wife and I exchange small gifts, but we don't get into it the way others generally do. If you celebrate, great, if you don't great. Please tell Glenn Beck I couldn't care less.

This year we are headed to Virginia to celebrate with my 92 year old mother-in-law. I think I've mentioned Mary before. She is a wonderful lady. She's losing some of her mental acuity, but her spirit is still there and so is her sense of humor. We'll have a quiet dinner because Mary can't handle too much excitement, but we always have a pretty good time.

Frankly, these days I can't handle that much excitement. I have tried to stop watching the news, driving in Chicago gives my blood pressure a rise and if I see one more act of littering perpetrated by anyone over the age of 4 they're going to get a real beating. People under 4 tend to be exempt becasue they're new here, but I might give the parents an earful.

What is it with throwing things away properly? Why is it so hard? Why can't you take your stupid Starbuck's cup and walk it the extra five feet to a garbage can? Why must you always leave them at bus stops, next to the curb or on top of a newspaper box? Did you grow up in a cesspool? (I use the term "you" to encapsulate all litterers, not "you" the people reading this....unless of course, you are litterers, then, well, you get the point).

Why don't we try this: Everyone try and do one nice thing a day. Just one. Help an old lady cross the street, pick up some random trash, give that person with a lost look directions. It is my belief that if people tried to do this on any given day, just one random act of selflessness they might see that it makes them feel just as good as it sounds when you hear of someone else doing it.

Moving on, well, actually it's moving on to sleep. Once more I have waited until late in the evening to post my random thoughts and am too tired to slog on with the rest of them.

Provocative thought of the day: If Dick Cheney can call the Barrack Obama a traitor on national television does it make him seem more or less pathetic as a human being?

Until tomorrow, pick that up!