Monday, October 26, 2009

Trying to keep up


Just a quick post of a sketch I did today. Man it is really hard to keep up with this drawing business when your real life becomes busy.

Number 97 Enjoy!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hello All,

Tonight I have what might be considered a special treat. I have 2 sketches (Barbarians 95 and 96 for those keeping count) the first is just a guy I sketched during a meeting today and the other is a sketch I did at lunch while remembering the prologue to a story I had written last year. It was supposed to be the opening pages to a graphic novel and someday it just might be, but tonight I thought I would post the images and the prologue from that story for your amusement.



She looked down at his naked body and thought about what she was about to do. A smile crossed her face and a laugh began in her throat. She had almost loved him, this man. This pure, beautiful, naked man that lay before her.

She had known of him for only a few short years. Before they met she had heard the stories of his adventures. All the stories told in beer halls and courts across the Great Continent. She had heard the stories and wondered if any one man could have been that brave, that pure, and that beautiful. The very first time she saw him she thought all those stories might just be true.

It was shortly after the Great War. He was sent as an emissary from his King with orders to make peace with her newfound country. He was so strong. When he entered the room everyone turned to look. He commanded it. He deserved it. He was the epitome of strength and honor. She was taken aback at their first meeting. She hadn’t expected that.

The queen was a beautiful woman. She was so beautiful that men, even without her enchantments, usually fell over at the sight of her, but not him. No, this one was a different breed. She had tried to seduce him. Why not, she thought, to bed a king’s messenger was not new to her, but he would not be swayed. When she tried to cast her spells on him he sensed them and was powerful enough to resist her. This excited her even more. Here was a man that would take some doing. Here was a man that might actually be worthy of her.

Over the next few weeks as lower diplomats argued and worked out small details, they would take long walks together and discuss the bigger parts of the peace plan. It was on those walks that she saw where the stories had come from. Here was a man that was not to be taken lightly. He knew his way around her flirtations as well as he knew his way around a battlefield. She would push, he would pull, she would pull and he would turn. The verbal jousting they did was as exciting to her as an evening of passionate lovemaking. How could she ever forget a man like this, this man that lay before her now?

As she remembered those weeks her eyes lingered over his muscular body. His body was a roadmap of his life. The adventures, the wars, the barroom altercations, were written in the scars that covered him. A sword cut on his lower back, a burn on his forearm from an errant spell, discolored tissue around his knees that would never heal, the hairline cut from an assassin’s blade along his jaw line. Looking at the wounds she wondered if he was in constant pain. If he was he never showed it. His life was a life filled with violence. A life he was born to, but never seemed completely comfortable with. Pity, she thought, this man would have made a great king.

The knight lay there naked before her. The troll that had accompanied her had stripped him of all his armor and clothing. The queen held his weapons and holy symbols in a pouch in her hand. She would leave him here, stranded, thousands of miles from anything he was familiar with. She knew she could not kill him, no, she actually did have feelings for him, but he would not be allowed to interfere with her plans.

She began to recite the spell that she had worked on for so long, a spell that had cost the lives of a thousand slaves. As she whispered the incantation she saw the world trembling in her grasp. Yes, this was the moment of her greatest victory. As she finished the spell she knelt next to the handsome knight, licked his ear and whispered, “You were divine, in your time, warrior, but now you are just a man. Now and forever I will remember you, but you…will merely forget.”

With that she stood up, barked an order at the troll that was standing a few feet away. He came over to her and she cast again. This spell would take her back to her kingdom a half a world away. “Goodbye, Knight Commander. We shant meet again.” And with that she was gone leaving him with nothing. She had his armor, his weapons and his holy symbols. She had taken everything from him that made him who he was.

Or so she thought.

Hope you enjoyed it, maybe I will continue to post the story with images to go along. Let me just finish these barbarians first.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I'm back in! For the last few days Blogspot has been keeping me out. Who knows why? Computers get temperamental I suppose.

Sorry for the time away (if anyone was really worrying about not getting enough ranting and barbarians), but I have been on the road, got a little sick and couldn't figure out how to post from my Blackberry™. Now though I'm back and here are 4 images for your perusal. That brings us to 94 barbarian sketches. So I didn't really make it 100 days in a row, to be technical, but I'm going to be close and what more could you ask from a humble art director?

The first two pages are some sketches I was working on while on the road and the other two I did over the weekend. Very rough, but finding the time to draw gets harder with each passing day.

I don't know about you, but when I was 25 or so I didn't have a lot to do. Running regular errands, doing a little work, keeping up with friends and such, but days weren't really jam packed. My wife and I laugh that right before we met neither of us had a whole lot to do. Now, neither one of us can seem to get a few minutes to relax without having something come up that needs attending. And we don't even have kids!

I can't imagine how busy a person's life is with children. I have a dog and that seems like too much responsibility some days.

By the way, on days when a Great Dane has digestive problems you'll wish you picked up that cute little chihuahua you saw and thought was too little to be a real dog. Ugh.

Busy, busy, busy, that's life. Speaking of which I picked up a few days of freelance work and they expect me to show up at a reasonable hour so I have to shuffle off to sleep. Enjoy the pics and I will definitely be back here tomorrow.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What is the point of telling a website to remember you when it refuses to? Facebook and Blogspot seem to be the biggest culprits of this little annoying habit. Ugh.

But enough complaining, here is number 90 and I'm going to let you enjoy it without all the pomp and circumstance of my ramblings because I'm tired and I don't feel well.

Until the 'morrow old friends.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Two for the price of one

Well, here you go. To help me catch up on "100 Barbarians" today you get two images.

Both imagined in the same session. Two images from probably the same fight in my head. One sketch a little rougher than the other, but I think you get the point.

Now I'm down to eleven more images of barbarians and will keep posting this week, but it looks like next week I will once again be on the road so there me be another slow down. I know, I know, "What ever will I do without your daily drawings and observations, Michael?" is the question millions of people are asking themselves. My guess is you'll go on with your life as usual and good for you. You're probably spending too much time in front of a computer anyway. Get outside and smell the crisp fall air.

Oops, I thought I posted this last night. Obviously the cold I am fighting has creeped into my brain.

More tonight.

This image I actually did earlier last week for my friend Brian at Influence People. His post this week is about giving sincere and honest appreciation. You should check it out.

Speaking of appreciation, I will only say it is a good thing. I know I work harder and try to do better if I see people appreciating what I do. I've also seen it work for me when I show people how much I appreciate appreciate them.

I used to take people out for lunch after we had finished a long or especially hard project. It was fun and a good way to let off steam. I've always thought it was an inexpensive way to show people how much you cared. You spent a little on food and had some great conversation, then it was back to the salt mine.

Day 86 of our 100 barbarians! Woot! Now I've got to do 3 more posts (I think) to catch up so I am off to do a lot more thinking to go with my drawings. I'll post another one later this afternoon. Still got to go to work y'know!

As I mentioned last Tuesday I went out of town and was computer deficient since last Thursday. I kept drawing, but could not publish. I tried it from my Blackberry™, but had no luck.

Now I'm back, baby and full of...well, I'm not really full of a whole bunch of new stories and opinions, but we'll see what I can come up with. This image is for Day 85. Just 15 days left in our "100 Barbarians in 100 days" postings.

I think after the "100" I'm going to try and branch out a little. I have been seeing some wonderful still life's lately and may try my hand. I did a little still life painting a few years ago, but my attention span just couldn't seem to keep up.

I went off to Wisconsin last week on a sales road trip. It was fun. I enjoy getting out into the world and meeting real people with real jobs. I've spent so much time in advertising and "meetings" that I think I may have forgotten what a real conversation can be.

I also like being on the road. It can be peaceful. Driving around letting your mind wander (while you try and read directions off a MapQuest™ printout and try not to hit and large farm animals). All in all good times.

I also saw a couple of good plays over the weekend. Although I will say the Eugene O'neill, depressing! Dude had some serious family issues.

Okay, enough for the first post back. I'm onto number 86.