Friday, March 19, 2010

Summary Judgement

Well, here it is. My 100th barbarian image, inked and all. No, I didn't make it one hundred days, but I feel good that I completed the task (and 97 days straight was a pretty good run).

I posted the inked version and the pencil from the last post. I think I prefer the pencil. I am trying to work in ink, but keeping yourself loose enough to keep a sense of life in the image is something I still struggle with. I think it would also help if I drew smaller pictures. Whew, this one is about 20"x24" which is a lot of background to cover.

That said, I'm pretty happy with the image as it stands.

I have been very busy with work lately which is a good thing in this day and age. Although from the sounds coming out of my TV are telling me that things are looking up. I don't think we're out of the woods yet, but people are spending money, profits are up for oil and insurance companies, CEO compensation keeps rising. Heck, I think we're all gonna be fine.

Life goes on, as they say. If we stop and actually consider all the ills in the world, all the things that can stop us from moving forward, growing and just plain living our lives, I think we would just curl up in a ball and cry. No time for that.

I am always amazed at the heights and depths the human animal is capable of reaching. From the depths of hatred that can be seen across the world (easy Tea Baggers, I'll get to you in a few, be patient) to the outpouring of dollars and help given to Haiti. It is jaw dropping.

I know that people can be passionate about things that they care about. I am. I get very riled up when discussing (some would say arguing) about things. I once had a very, mostly fun, but people thought it was real, argument about whether or not Santa Claus should be investigated for animal cruelty and discrimination due to his well documented abuse of Rudolf the "red nosed" Reindeer. I do love me a good argument, but I try not to feel "hate" towards my opponent and I hope they feel the same.

The degrees to which rhetoric has come in this country truly makes me sad. We actually have people openly talking about rebellion as if we are some third world country run by thugs. What has turned people into this unruly mob? I would love to know.

Now, this is not a set up to bash Tea Baggers. I actually think they make some valid points. People are scared. Their jobs aren't safe, they've overextended themselves and are feeling the crushing weight of not only their debt, but the deb Congress has raked up over the last few decades. But they also make some wild allegations, lies and ginned up conspiracies. And their "leaders", if you can call them that, are only stoking those fires. To me that is to their cause's detriment. If they actually came out to have an intense discussion on a topic instead of just "riling up the base", I might actually take the time to listen.

I'll wrap it up for now, but I want to leave you with this thought for the day.

It's easier to find a parking space if you turn the radio down and concentrate.