Friday, February 26, 2010

So close!

Okay, after way too long avoiding the inevitable, I am trying to get to working on this blog again. That said, I am going to try turning it into an image per week going forward. After 97 straight days of barbarians I crapped out. Below is the image I am currently working on.

This could be considered the 99 and a half barbarian image. I have been working on it sporadically for a few weeks and I am going to start inking it this weekend. I thought I would post the pencil first since my inking may ruin the entire thing.

Lately, I've been running my artistic life like Congress runs this country, sporadically, badly and mostly just not getting anything done. I could blame it on too much work. I could blame it on Republicans not allowing me to do my job, but the plain and simple truth is I have been lazy. Yes I have been working, but I have also been watching a little too much TV, drinking, hanging out with friends and avoiding art in general.

Why? I don't know. I love to draw and the barbarians were a hoot to work on. Maybe I just burnt myself out. Who cares. I am now trying to get back on the horse. I hope some people are still paying attention.

I won't rant on today because there's just too much to say, but I am ramping up and the rants are coming back. Healthcare reform, Liz Cheney, Walter Koenig's son, the Olympics and a recent MRI all come to mind as a starting point, but my thoughts are a little scattered right now due to some generic Vicodin that will help me sleep.

As soon as the inks are done on this piece I'll post it.