Opening day and some other bits!

Hello All,

Tomorrow, or I guess today is opening day for baseball season.

I've never been much of a fan of the game, but I do love all of the peripheral drinking that goes on whether it is at a game or just sitting in a bar "watching" it on TV. As I've discussed here before I do like a cocktail now and again.

I live in Chicago right near Wrigley Field , the home of the Chicago Cubs and I like to think of this as the silly season.

Everyday I walk my wife halfway to work. I turn around and she continues on. Then she walks home. Some days I meet her on the walk some days I stay at my desk, it all depends. We call it the silly season because we used to walk our great danes Hank and Pearl to work a lot during the year and if there was a game on things got silly. Any time you walk by a bar full of people having a good time with over 300 lbs. of dogs people are bound to comment.

The dogs have both passed away, but it was funny to hear all the requisite jokes. "Hey, you got a saddle for that thing!" "Damn, that dog's big!" "Can I get a ride?" No, seriously, dunk dude, I never thought of that! Annoying, but now without the pups I do kind of miss it.

So baseball is here, Spring can't be too far behind so I guess my thoughts will turn to advertising.

Used to be the springtime would bring a little extra work through the door. Clients apparently would get antsy and need to ramp up the pitches, refresh the pool, some folks would go on vacation. Things would just speed up a bit. It was nice.

This year things are picking up a little. Not as fast as past years, but I do think people are loosening their wallets a scoche. A lot of big accounts have certainly started moving around. Could be good news for many of us on the front lines, but I try never to get my hopes up. We'll see is always a healthy attitude.

Got a nice note from my friend Steve the other day about turning this blog into something helpful to others which is what his blog does (you can find him @ His company is dedicated to driving new business for agencies and I like a lot of his thinking. Check it out if you get a chance.

 I think it's a good idea, helping people. I spent a lot of last year trying not to get bogged down in politics and doing a bad job of it. (Sidenote: if I post crap on my FaceBook page you can hide me and don't have to listen to me, but stop trying to pick a fight with me if you disagree with my viewpoint. I don't jump onto your page and post my leftie ramblings so don't do it to mine. nuff said. Sidenote over) Of course, I'm still looking for what exactly it is I'm doing here, but if someone thinks of something let me know. I'm definitely gonna work with Steve's ideas and new topics are always good.

Helpful hint #1: Don't blog in the middle of the night.

Although I'm not really sure when I'm supposed to do it. I started tweeting and I'm still a little unsure what to do there. Everyone seems to retweet fantastic articles, which is great except I can't seem to find the time to read them all and retweet them to others. I have two novels I'm supposed to be reading right now, so I can design their book covers, along with work (which as I said has picked up), taxes are coming (I've already had the accountant file an extension prophylactically), man, it's busy.

I suppose I shouldn't complain. I could live in Libya or some other hotspot that's getting the crap bombed out of it.

Helpful tip #2: Stop complaining.

Honestly, I'm not a coal miner or a revolutionary, I'm not getting shot at in Afganistan or Iraq and I'm pretty sure my wife still likes me so what do I really (and most people in this country) really have to complain about?

That's enough helping for now.

Here's a pretty picture:

George Bernard Shaw. A very good writer. I like his plays a lot. He also makes a good subject for a drawing.

You may have noticed I did not (and will no longer) state that I am changing a subject before doing so. As I heard a long time ago, "Seques are for babies." Of course, "Segways" are for tourists, but I digress.



  1. Dude, thanks for the mention! May your thought cup never be half empty. And love the image of George. Great eyes and expression.

    Re: blogging in the middle of the night. I hear ya cluckin', big chicken! Very hard to carve out some time. Your "100..." was good and probably kept people coming back. But man, that's a ton of work!

    I try to blog twice a week - Tuesdays and Thursdays. Keep it regular to set up a pattern. But just for yourself. Also, I find myself particularly jazzed to write on a Saturday AM, which avoids the "oh, shit" pressure leading up to Tuesday AM (Because I simply hit "publish".)

  2. Good advice my friend! I'll start with one a week and we'll see how it goes! Here on blogger you can actually set it up to publish in the future. Not sure if you have that on your blog. That way you can write a few in a day (which I haven't done yet, ugh.) and set them to publish in the future. Beth does that on hers.


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