Crazy, sexy, cool!

Crazy, yes.
Sexy, maybe.
Cool, most definitely!

After a few short years of nothing particularly interesting to say my wife and I found a few projects, I think, could be fun to share. I hope you, dear reader, agree. At the very least you should get a few chuckles out of our insanity.

It begins with a small farm, includes the launch of a new brand and encompasses all the pitfalls, fun, highs and lows of the next few (hopefully 6-8) months of my rehab and advertising craziness. I hope you will find it interesting or at the very least distracting.

The Farm

Baroda, Michigan is a quaint little village on the west side of the state just a few miles in from Lake Michigan. Our project begins here. To paraphrase the title of a Matt Damon cinematic vehicle from a few years back, "We bought a farm!" Not a farm with livestock, but five acres of farmland with a little house. It sits on the "Wine Trail" of western Michigan.We will be raising bees at some point, but animals, besides dogs, may or may not be part of this little adventure.

We will be rehabbing a small house into a weekend respite and rental opportunity. I think the Three Stooges-esque  happenings in the weeks and months to come should provide some amusement. Remember every time I hit my thumb with a hammer an angel gets its wings.

The day we closed on the house we decided to rip up the carpeting and see what lay beneath. Might as well start with the floors and build up from there! Our four-legged assistant showed us his disdain for carpeting by relieving himself in one of the bedrooms. Not sure if he really hates carpet or was telling us this was a really shitty house to have purchased. Aw, what does he know!

There are 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom at this point. An unfinished basement and a ton of work, but this is where it gets fun. We have plans to update the kitchen, rework the floors and add a monster deck outside to sip wine and enjoy the countryside.

Beth, Sam and I have been planning for the last week or so and the work gets started tomorrow. If you're in the neighborhood shoot me a text or an email and if I'm there we'll share a beer and I'll put you to work!

In our next episode: A New Brand Begins (While we update the latest from the farm).



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