Week 1 (or so) or better yet WTF!

Well, well, well, here I am after spending a few days on the "Cottage Project" as I have taken to calling it and things are going along swimmingly albeit slowly. Apparently, my day job gets in the way of my toys. It can happen with older houses where things were put together to last. This nail and a few others were pulled out of the wall holding up some cabinets.

As with any project, scheduling is quickly proving to be the key. I haven't commuted, and by that I mean driven to a job through traffic and such versus hopping on a bus for a few minutes, in over 30 years. And I've never done it with a time change in the middle. See Illinois is on Central time and Michigan is on Eastern. That adds a whole 'nother wrinkle, especially when the snow comes in.

Anywho,  let's get back to chatting about the project. It's cold out there.

Phase 1: Destruction!

Tearing out ceiling tiles is not the cleanest job, but a smooth drywall ceiling will be much prettier. It's also a pretty simple job for a simple man like myself. As I tore tiles off the ceiling I got to thinking about many projects I've worked on in the past where we needed to literally tear apart the old to make the new better. People do it all the time in their house, but design and advertising (see this is a design blog after all) clients and agencies seem to just keep adding layers to brands instead of removing the detritus and cleaning things up. A mani-pedi is also a good analogy, I think.

Phase 2: Floors

My bride (of 17+years) and I couldn't decide exactly what to do about the floors. There used to be carpeting in the house. It seemed to have been here for a while and let's just say it didn't smell the best. New hardwood floors would be the order of the day, but we aren't quite sure what kind we want and the costs of doing it is not something I want to get into before we hang out here.

So, we'll go with option 2. My own brand of subflooring that I've done in other apartments with a similar flare. 3/4" birch plywood is only a few dollars more a sheet and the grain looks nice, but it's not quite right.

In the existing living room there is 5" pine board.

What to do, what to do?
Well, I am an art director and this is a design blog so can you guess?
That's right, draw boards on the floor with a Sharpie! Oh, I know what you're saying, but what could it hurt. It's just subflooring. And after a little stain and polyurethane what could happen?

That's right, beauty! Eat your heart out HGTV! And if you're an art director you might even force people to look at them in the "right" light.

So that was this week's project.

Next ceilings, painting and a whole lot of other crap. Welcome to my nightmare. At least I have an able bodied assistant.



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